Midnight Force Details New Album 'Dunsinane'

Scottish traditional metal act Midnight Force will release the new album "Dunsinane" on August 10th via Iron Shield Records, with distribution via Pure Steel Records.

Midnight Force is an old school metal band based in Glasgow, Scotland. The band describes its brand of metal as somewhere between U.S. and epic metal of Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol and Virgin Steele and a large chunk of the NWoBHM and early German Metal like Accept and the Scorpions. "Dunsinane" is a reference to one of Scotland's most notorious kings, Macbeth. The title track engages with the “real," the historical Macbeth, actually a more successful ruler than Shakespeare made him out to be…The rest of the songs also deal with many historical or fantasy inspired themes, be it from the writings of Robert E. Howard or accounts of historical battles and wars.

In 2016, the band released the debut EP "Restless Blade," followed by a single in 2017. The band performs regularly in Germany, as well as all over the U.K. and Ireland and have plans to reach some new shores this year. The track listing and artwork for "Dunsinane" can be found here:

1. Killer 2. The Scarlet Citadel 3. Down With The King 4. Witchfinder 5. Alesia Falls 6. Crystal Talon 7. Warlord Eternal 8. Dunsinane

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