PelleK Releases Video Clip For New Single 'Absolute Steel'

Ex-Damnation Angels vocalist PelleK issued a video clip for the new single "Absolute Steel," which you can check out in the player above. The song is the title track of his brand new solo album, which is expected to be released on July 9th. A pre-order crowdfunding campaign for the album is available at this location.

This video was filmed on June 7th, 2018 at Screen Media's "Studio D" in Oslo, Norway, and the musicians traveled all the way from the U.K, Sweden, Serbia and the southern part of Norway to be part of this.

PelleK explains: "I wrote the song in the beginning of 2018 and it is one out of eight tracks on my 2018 release 'Absolute Steel.' I think it's safe to say that this album is the most over the top flamboyant power metal release of the year. I had to spend 16,000 USD to pay the musicians, producer, camera team, make up woman, location, printing of the CD's etc, and today, two weeks after we filmed it, the kickstarter campaign reached that number. This would've been much more expensive hadn't it been for my good friend Christer Larsen, who, for not a lot of money, has put in over 100 hours on the VFX end, as well as teaching me for hours on end, how to edit these videos in After Effects. Learning to create virtual worlds, motion track, rotoscope properly, and generally understand how to work in After Effects has been a dream of mine all my adult life, and acquiring that skill set is perhaps the best thing that came out of this entire process. So big thanks to Christer Larsen. You all of course have my blessing to pirate the album if you wanna give it a listen, but I wanna give an extra shoutout to the people who either backed the kickstarter, or paid for 'Absolute Steel' after the release date (July 9th, 2018) in a time where you don't really need to pay for music anymore. Thanks for supporting me. You're the best!"

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